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Our orthotics in St. Louis, MO are manufactured for the most comfort and stabilization possible. Each design is made with a focus on maintaining a full range of motion for either the lower or upper torso for each patient. We have 600 different orthotics options available, so we guarantee to manufacture one that is perfect for our patients. 

At Medcuro, we produce all of our orthotics in-house. We are one of only two manufacturers in the area that has a 3D printer in-house. This gives us the ability to quickly produce our orthotics for our patients and ensure they will have them in two weeks’ time. 

Our practitioners are here to provide comfort and stabilization for our patients. Together, we can help them move forward.

Wrist hand orthotics

Upper Extremity

With our upper extremity orthoses, we provide stabilization for the limbs of the upper torso. This includes the shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, fingers, and thumbs. Each orthotic provides the comfort and stabilization needed for combat issues such as dislocations, sprains, strains, or tendonitis for our patients.

Two ankle foot orthotics.

Lower Extremity

Lower extremity orthotics are designed to provide comfort and stability for lower body injuries or muscular or nervous system issues. They provide support and stabilization for the hip, legs, knees, ankles, and feet. With a custom lower body orthotic, everyday tasks such as walking can become a lot less bothersome and much easier.

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Our Orthotic Process

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Evaluation & Molding


Similar to our prosthetic process, getting our patients their new orthotics begins with an evaluation. Our patient care practitioners get all the necessary information about our patient’s weight, height, age, activity level, and everyday life.

We look at injuries and the functionality of the nervous system and musculoskeletal systems to evaluate how we can give them the best performance.

The molding of the orthotic is measured and created to get a proper but comfortable fitting established. Take the foot, for example, we make sure that the molding is near perfect for

From there, our in-house manufacturing team begins on the production of the new orthotic.

In a matter of two weeks, the orthotic is completed and an appointment is scheduled where a final fitting and comfort test are made.

Get started today with your new custom orthotics. You can contact our center and speak with one of our employees to set up a time for an evaluation.