Lower Extremity Orthotics

Our lower extremity orthotic solutions are designed to help bring support and comfort to affected areas of the lower body. Each orthotic is custom-designed for the hip, legs, ankles, knees, or feet.

These products provide a full range of motion to the lower body but still gives our patients the stabilization and protection for weakened or injured limbs. At Medcuro, our orthotics are manufactured in-house to guarantee high-quality aid to all of our patients. Together, we move our patients forward.

Foot Orthotics

Shoe inserts are perfect for alleviating pain and evenly distributing pressure throughout the foot. They can also correct or accommodate any deformities and improve the overall alignment of the lower extremity.

Ankle Support Orthotics

These orthotics give the support needed to deal with ankle sprains or strains and provide stability when extra support is needed.

Ankle & Foot Orthosis

Also known as AFO’s, these orthoses help provide both support and proper joint alignment for the foot and ankle. They also give support for muscle weakness of the feet and lower limbs.

Walking Boots

Walker boots are devised to support the foot and ankle. They offer stability and limit their range of motion to assist with injuries, fractures, diseases, or other conditions. Their structure consists of a removable liner that protects the skin and aids in additional comfort with stability pads that provide a smooth, pleasant experience.

Knee Orthotics

These orthotics provide safety and stability for the knee joint to help the healing process for injuries to the ligaments and meniscus and reconstruction surgeries. Custom knee orthotics keep any unwanted motion from happening to ensure everything is properly healed.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

KAFO’s help the knee and lower limb maintain a proper alignment caused by instabilities such as broken bones, arthritic joints, muscle weakness, paralysis, or hyperextending your knee. KAFO’s are designed to control motion and prevent further injury or damage. They are commonly made from leather or plastic components, and offer a variety of different designs and knee joints, depending on the patient’s condition.

Each visit to Medcuro brings the utmost professionalism and expertise. Our practitioners have over 20 years of experience providing our patients with an option at a more functional life. 

We have three locations that are fully Accredited by the American Board for Certification. Our offices are located in St. Louis, Creve Coeur, and St. Peters. Schedule an appointment today to start moving forward.