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If your prosthetic needs repairs or adjustments, there’s one practice in the area to give you the best service for your prosthetics in Clayton, MO. For over 20 years, Medcuro has been the practitioner of choice for amputations or just simple repairs and adjustments to your prosthetic. Out technicians are board-certified and work out of our in-house lab to provide quick detailed service for your prosthetic. 

Clayton, MO is a beautiful town in the area where fine dining and high-end shopping thrive. With a wonderful downtown area, we want to do our part to make sure the 17,355 residents of Clayton have the best care possible for any prosthetic needs they may have. Each of our prosthetics is designed and built in-house so that you can assure the best and most detailed process possible. 

Each visit starts with a free consultation. From there, we’ll get to know your day-to-day lifestyle and just how active you are to ensure the perfect build. To get started, give us a call or fill out the form below. We’ll quickly be in touch to schedule a time for you to come in for the initial consultation.


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There’s a reason so many people in Clayton trust us as their prosthetic providers. It’s our attention to detail and our process that allows us to not only get to know you on a professional level but also on a personal one. That’s how we easily learn about your lifestyle and have the capabilities to construct the perfect prosthetic for your everyday needs. Whether you need an upper body prosthetic or a lower body one, we have the capabilities to have you ready to go in two weeks’ time. Give us a call today at any of our three locations to set up your free consultation.