Our patients choose us for all their prosthetic needs because of our quality and experience. At Medcuro, we fabricate all of our prosthetics to restore the normal functions of the missing body part to the fullest extent.

We manufacture each one ourselves to make sure it centers around our patients. Age, activity level, and any other special needs are looked at to assure we create the perfect fit. Whether the need is for the upper or lower extremity, our prosthetists are guaranteed to help our patients move forward.

Prosthetic hand.

Upper Extremity

Whether your amputation is above or below the elbow, our practitioners at Medcuro are ready to help you make the everyday tasks simpler.

Our upper extremity prostheses functionally replicate the hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow. Together, we can restore grip and give movement to everyday life.

Lower body prosthetic legs.

Lower Extremity

For lower extremity amputations below or above the knee, our prosthetics are designed to help replicate human feet, ankles, thighs, and knees.

 Our lower extremity prosthetics are all designed and manufactured in-house. Each built with complete performance and cosmetic appeal.

Our Prosthetics Process

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Evaluation & Fitting


Our two-week process of getting a new prosthetic begins with the doctor’s visit for new amputees and simple evaluation. For current amputees that are having problems, the process begins by making an appointment to evaluate any difficulties with their current prosthetic. 

 The process for our patients to get their new prosthetic is both simple and quick. During their first appointment, we will evaluate where current amputees are having problems. Issues with the fit or functionality and how it affects their everyday life are what we try to examine for them. 

 The patient is then cast or 3D scanned and a check-fitting is made to ensure proper alignment and fit. 

 If everything fits perfectly, then fabrication begins in-house to ensure the high-quality production of the prosthetic. 

Once it’s ready, we will schedule an appointment to assure a proper fit and alignment.