Lower Extremity Prosthetics

At Medcuro, restoring the mobility of our patients to the fullest extent is our main priority. By providing lower limb prosthesis, we help restore the function of the amputated body part not just for cosmetic purposes, but for everyday practical use.

When figuring out the best option for a lower limb prosthetic, our prosthetists take into account the personal situations of each patient and determine the best option to enhance their everyday life. Each prosthetic is designed and made by our practitioners at Medcuro. Together, we’ll help move our patients forward.

Prosthetic Legs

Lower extremity prosthesis come in many different forms and types. Above-the-knee prosthesis are made for amputations that are at or above the knee joint. The prosthetic is designed to replicate a human knee, thigh, ankle, and foot.

While below-the-knee-prosthesis are designed to support amputations that are performed between the ankle and knee. These prosthetics are also designed with moveable and adjustable joints and pylons so they can replicate the movement of a human thigh, ankle, and foot. Similar to above-the-knee-prosthesis.

Exoskeletal Prosthesis

One of the more durable options available, exoskeletal prosthetics consists of wood or urethane foam enclosed in a hard plastic shell. Their sturdiness makes them a heavier option that is less-customizable than an endoskeletal prosthetic.

Endoskeletal Prosthesis

The much lighter option compared to exoskeletal prosthetics, endoskeletal prosthesis have an inner support pylon made of either aluminum or titanium. It is easily adjustable to accommodate any type of lifestyle, both physical or still.

Prosthetic Feet

Prosthetic feet are built and designed to be strong, durable, and light. Their functionality must be able to withstand the huge amount of force and torque that comes from walking and running. A SACH foot (Solid-Ankle-Cushioned-Heel) has a rigid inner structure made of either wood or plastic surrounded by a foam cosmetic shell.

At Medcuro, each of our three facilities in the St. Louis and St. Charles areas are fully Accredited by the American Board for Certification. Not to mention that each member of our staff is fully certified to help our patients get the most out of their everyday life. 

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